What makes our learning methods unique.

BOOKS that can speak

Our « Books That Can Speak » helps kids at home during self-learning by delivering images, videos and sounds to traditional printed language workbooks, sheets and cards, designed to be stimulative for kids.

E-Learning Platform

Our e-learning solution helps publishers, schools and parents in adding audiovisual content to learning materials and homeworks. Kids can use our intuitive Bi-Lingua eReader App for smartphones.

Bi-Lingua Certified

Our affiliation program supports language schools with pedagogical mentoring, free websites building, forum tools, learning apps for smartphones, digital homework platforms.


We support minority languages, such as Yemba, a language spoken in Cameroon, West Africa. We also encourage learning the language of small communities, such as Vietnamese in the Czech Republic.

Our native speakers translate your documents and websites. We support English, French, German, Italian, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Greek, Vietnamese.

A propos

At Bi-Lingua, we give non-native speakers tools to teach a language they do not speak.
We believe that every kid can speak at least two languages

Our goal is to make it natural for any kid to be interested into learning any language. In the flux of globalization, a lot of kids grow up naturally in multicultural environments. Parents who notice the urge to cultivate multilingual capabilities in their beloved kids usually send them to specialized schools or after-school activities where foreign languages are introduced. Problem is that there is no solid follow-up at home as the majority of parents do not speak those languages themselves or they have limited time and teaching skills. At Bi Lingua we design services, software and paper-based learning materials which enable non-speakers to teach a language! Publishers can create books, which are full of intuitive images for kids who cannot read yet. Pronunciation and reach multimedia content are delivered by codes readable via our smartphone app. Within our Bi-Lingua Certified affiliation program language schools can produce a bunch of intuitive exercises which turn learning into fun.
Bi-Lingua was founded by Michel Kana, a multicultural activist.

  • we are intuitive

    ... and enable hidden potentials in kids

  • We are not linguists

    ... but we do speak and do love languages

  • we master high-tech

    ... but prefer natural methods in learning

  • we have own kids

    ... and teach them foreign languages


Our income from books selling, affiliation program and e-learning platform are mostly used to support minority African languages via Karewa NGO.

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